About The Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion

An Emerging Community of Women

The Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion (WJMP) is a fruitful outcome of The Shrine of Jesus the Divine Mercy (SJDM), a private association of Christ’s Faithful established by His Eminence, Adam Cardinal Maida, on April 20, 2003.

The WJMP submits to the leadership of the Archdiocese of Detroit and all clergy who aid the Archbishop in his divine mandate of shepherding Christ’s faithful in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

As a part of the SJDM, the members of the WJMP continue to spread the message of Divine Mercy as revealed by Jesus to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. The charisms of this community are Holy Hospitality and Spiritual Direction.

The members of the WJMP seek to attain holiness and live in community while following the Rule of the Ten Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They seek to

imitate Mary’s life and virtues in thought, word, and deed, which, rooted in the Gospels, are Purity; Prudence; Humility; Faith; Devotion; Obedience; Poverty; Patience; Mercy and Sorrow.

The members of the WJMP seek holiness through prayer that is regarded as a sacred duty and special mission among the People of God. They strive, through adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, to make Trust in Jesus and intercession for aching mankind a priority in their daily lives.

If you are a Catholic woman 16 to 40 and are feeling called to the charism of this community, we invite you to contact us at wjmp.org or 586-777-8591. May God bless you!


A Call to Order

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you how the WJMP came to be. On September 30, 1994, the Lord placed on my heart to establish and form a religious order of women.

On April 16, 2019, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron gave his approval and blessing for the women interested in discerning their call to begin living in community at the Divine Mercy Center. May 13, 2019 marked the inception of The Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion and this call from the heart of Jesus became a reality.

The Archbishop commented, “it is a gift to have them [the Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion] present in the Archdiocese of Detroit, and I am fully aware of the many lives that have come to know our Merciful Lord through the ministry of The Shrine of Jesus the Divine Mercy over these years. I am confident this movement will take on a renewed energy through the recent formation of the Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion.”

I am so grateful to the Lord for all the good He is bestowing on this community. Please pray for these women, and pray for more vocations to the religious life – that more women will heed the call of the Lord to give their lives in service to Him and His Kingdom!


Catherine M. Lanni
Mother Foundress

Our Patron Saints

St. Joseph

As the Women of Jesus' Merciful Passion (Religious) we aspire to imitate St. Joseph because he is the exemplar of all the virtues to which religious persons are bound..

St. Faustina

St. Faustina lived a life of heroic virtue and is a perfect example of how a religious should live. We are called to cooperate with Jesus, The Divine Mercy, through the intercession..

St. Anthony of Padua

It was St. Anthony who in a prophetic dream instructed me (Catherine M. Lanni) word by word the role of The Blessed Virgin Mary in The Holy Trinity: “The Blessed Virgin Mary..

St. Raphael Archangel of Healing and Mercy

St. Raphael’s name means “Medicine of God.” He is known as the Archangel of God’s Mercy and Light, who comes to bring healing to many. He is the medicine of God who comes..

St. Therese of The Child Jesus

St. Therese is a Doctor of the Church, known for her little way which gives souls the sure hope of becoming a great saint, by simply offering everything to God, especially..

Pope St. John Paul II

Pope St. John Paul II, known as the “Mercy Pope,” worked tirelessly on the investigation of the Diary of St. Faustina when he was Cardinal Archbishop Karol Wojtila of Cracow..

Community Life

The Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion follow the Rule of the Ten Evangelical Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Along with attending daily Mass and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, they also pray the Liturgy of the Hours, the Holy Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Chaplet of the Ten Evangelical Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary.

The intent for this Community is to eventually become a religious institute of consecrated women whose charism is to provide spiritual direction and holy hospitality for all in need. The women will be accompanying their brothers and sisters in Christ to grow closer to God by practicing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy

Join Us

“We are happy to invite single, Catholic young women ages 16-40 to come experience and learn about our life, prayer, rule, charism and more! We are answering our call to lay our lives down for Jesus, The Divine Mercy, through the intercession of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the conversion of aching mankind. We pray for humble, healthy, and holy vocations to this new vibrant community.”

– The Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion

Our Charism & Rule

The Charism the the Women of Jesus’ Merciful Passion will follow is Holy Hospitality and Spiritual Direction. Holy Hospitality means everything to our Mother Foundress Catherine Lanni. It’s so important in our current times when people constantly complain that they are so busy and just don’t have enough time for anything after their job commitment and immediate family routines. Multitasking is the norm. Listening and direct eye contact seems to be a forgotten thing of the past. A warm bowl of soup and a cup of coffee or tea feeds not only the body but the soul as well. It warms the heart and makes the person feel loved. Using as best as possible, fresh ingredients is important for the body and soul as well. The effort put into cutting, peeling, slicing, simmering and cooking low and slow, pays off. In this process, one exercises patients and charity!

Spiritual Direction is the practice of Sacred listening and discerning as we accompany a person on their pilgrimage of life, helping the individual to have greater clarity on what God is saying to them or doing in their life or which direction one should move in. This can make a significant difference in a person’s life. Spiritual directors don’t “tell a person” what to do, but rather accompany them on their pilgrimage of life. As one opens their heart to express what they sense or think, the process of prayerful discernment helps them to grow spiritually and deepens their awareness and relationship with God. It is not counseling or psychotherapy. The focus is the person’s relationship with God.

By living daily, as a way of life, the Rule of the Ten Evangelical Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary helps us to embody the very likeness of the Blessed Virgin Mary – who is The Queen of Peace, Purity, Prudence, Humility, Faithfulness, Devotion, Obedience, Poverty, Patience, Mercy and Sorrow. Through the eyes of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we become not only an embodiment of The Blessed Mother, but an actual refuge for those we encounter through Holy Hospitality and those who entrust their spiritual life to our direction.

Our Spirituality is Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Sorrows. We strive to spread the message of Divine Mercy as revealed by Jesus to St. Maria Faustina Kowalska. We are seeking holiness through following the Rule of the Ten Evangelical Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary as we perform the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy and help people come to know our Merciful Lord.

Apostolate Work

  • Daily Lunch Ministry
  • Hospitality Pantry
  • Outreach Food Boxes Ministry
  • Prayer Requests 
  • Sacristy/Altar Care
  • Media & Communications Outreach
  • Vocation Outreach
  • Coordinate Volunteers
  • Archdiocese of Detroit connections
  • Campus Ministry & Parish Outreach
  • Hospital & Nursing Home visits 
  • Door to Door Evangelization
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Prayerful Support for people in need
  • Praying at the bedside of the sick and dying
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